Jesse Torres-Medina

Originally from Mexico, I immigrated to the US at the age of eight and have lived in Chicago ever since. At 28 I took my first metalsmithing class and discovered a new avenue to express myself. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, an organic design method along with some of my favorite materials such as silver, copper, brass, semi-precious stones and found objects I create mostly one of a kind jewelry pieces. Taking inspiration from my surroundings as well as from the materials I use, I aim to express myself with my jewelry and at the same time give the buyer a chance to do the same wearing one of my pieces. From jewelry to small objects and boxes, I like to switch and work on a few pieces at a time. This helps with the organic and not very pre-designed method in which I work. I believe working in this manner opens my creativity and gives me the opportunity to try different ideas. The best part is not knowing what the final product will look like, everyday is a surprise.